my birfday

I'm twenty.

It is weird.

I guess I technically have seven more hours until it is official, so I'm going to enjoy being 19 for a bit longer.

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If Britian could've just lived without their precious afternoon beverage...

Britain should have never gone to India and effed things up. Mainly because I would not have to attempt to remember the details of the Battle of Plassey or the Anglo-Mysore wars if they hadn't.

And while we're at recreating history, Congress should have been perfect from the beginning so critiques and methods on how to improve it would never have been written in lengths of 250 pages so that forty years later a certain Panna would not have to write a review of said work. 

Also, directors and stage managers should be able to plan out the exact details of a rehearsal so people are not having to show up and sit around for 3 hours to rehearse for 15 minutes.

If only.

What is the seal of having become free?- No longer to be ashamed before oneself.

I like Nietzsche. Minus his "God is dead stuff."

*Jim Gaffigan voice* Hey, I like God. This guy's a jerk.

Other than that, he's like a friendly existentialist. Those seem rare.

The Congress is lame and should have more books written about it that include some violence, a maze or a wizard of some kind rather than some old guy form Philadelphia explaining the process of how senators sort through their mail (not even kidding, Chapter IV of Congress:The Sapless Branch).

To bad my life doesn't include more than the homework I'm invariably going to perpetually put off.


there was no rival in the political spectrum

Let us update, shall we? I know I'm to a new level of procrastination when I update my LJ. Mid-terms week. eff my life. Why I took an upper division political economy class is beyond me. India should be fine. Need a topic (suggestions?) for a Marxist analysis for my Philosophy class. Must read for Adolescent development but probably won't and thrive just the same. You need those kinds of classes sometimes.

There you have it: my thought process for the morning. Off to lunch soon than costume skills and theatre ensemble. Than work. No rehearsal this evening so study time for India and reading time for Congress: The Sapless Branch *gag*. All probably done in the presence of Sin which is less efficient but more enjoyable than a quiet area more conducive to studying.


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Then should I, no danger near, Free from frea, Revel in my garden's stream

I've packed away my cummings book, but I did purchase a copy of Victor Hugo's works at a thrift store today for a buck, so I randomly chose a line out of it for my subject line. It's a pretty spiffy book; it was printed in 1928 and has his poems, essays, stories and The Hunchback of Notre Dame in it. Not bad for a little volume. Finals are this week and I should be studying for them, but I'm not. Pretty much just been chillin' and taking it easy, but I'm not stressed about that.
We had the Scarlet Masque banquet last night (theatre department club) and it was a swell time. We got to get up and say thanks to everyone if we felt like it and my friend Shea got up and said how she appreciated all of the underclassmen and how she especially appreciated what I've brought to the department and she's glad I'm her friend. It was really sweet of her, I thought. Made me have warm fuzzies. On another theatre note, my friend David (who played Jesus in Godspell) is officially part of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival cast! The kid is ridiculously talented and I'm so excited to see him perform this summer.
So, I'm taking care of my friend Charles' razor scooter Penelope until he sends me money to ship it back to him. She's a nice scooter. It's weird to think that I'm almost moving out. This will be the last time in awhile I'll have my own room; I'll have to share when I get home and I have a roommate next year. That's alright though.
Survive Kaleidescope drops Tuesday! woo!!! Those Underoath lads are swell. Wells, I's gotsta get ready to go to the Flying M to chill with the BFF.

Posty post

Tis been a while. Haven't been up to much; lots o' school and activities associated thereof. I got my exegetical paper done yesterday about and hour before it was done, but it was done! That's one hovering ball of hovering stress out of the way, now just my book review for history that is due Friday. On the book I don't own. Darn.

Spring Fling was Saturday and minus the drunken friends of mine, it was a b to the last. Some decent bands played and me and Leroy salsa danced behind them on stage. Then we got shut down because of the noise, but they continued acoustically and then had a jam session. It was a good thing to take my mind off of the paper of hovering stress, even if only for a few hours. *Note* drunk people are a lot more affectionate and incoherent than their sober counterparts. *takes of of post-it pad and sticks to head*.

There really isn't anything to post about, but it's been so long I felt like I should, despite having nothing to say. The boy that I may like that may like me hasn't done anything out of the ordinary, Young Life is swell, work is alright, the BFF's are either absent or good, school needs to be done. Like now. kthx. Not really any good shows coming up soon. I saw Canoe again last week and they were swell. They even mentioned me in their tour journal! woo! But life is pretty swell and I love everyone and stuff, so I'm pretty much good. Yay for useless posts!


cradles in rubber one somwhat hand

The cummings quote today seems like gibberish. Ah well. Tis my 19th birthday! Only about 3 hours into it, so it still has hope. We had a Godspell cast party and watched the performance DVD, which was swell. I love those kids. And everyone sang to me obnoxiously and I go lots o' hugs, so it was a nice time.

I went yard sale-ing with me mum, which was neat. I picked up a few things I'll post within the next few days. Steven, Victoria and I went to see Two Rooms at BSU, which was very good. Kind of a downer, but good. And we got in for free because they thought we were BSU students. We had our C of I cards out, but they didn't check them and just assumed we went to school there. I guess that works when a school as 20,000 students, but I know that there were BSU kids trying to pass as C of I students to get into Godspell, but when your student body is only 900, you can tell who goes there and who doesn't.

I got cast in one of the student directed one-acts. Maurico, who I was in Godspell with, cast me in the play he's directing, so that should be fun. I didn't think it was a big deal, but it turns out most of the girls that auditioned didn't get cast because there were my male roles, so I was glad I did. I'm playing a nurse named Liz, but I haven't read the script yet and don't recall the title of the play.

I have a lot of homework to do on my birthday. blah. But my mommy loves me and is making me fried chicken for dinner and a cake! yum

the earth tinily whirls; while daisies grow

I'm home! I had a pretty wicked awesome time in New York City. The group worked in a lot of service areas ranging from soup kitchens to after school programs and it was amazing. Homeless people seriously are bomb. Next time you see one don't ignore them; buy them a sammich and visit with them, because most have awesome stories and really just want someone to talk to. I could go on forever about all of the cool experiences I had chillin' with the people both in the group I went with and the people I served. We did get a free day and me Victoria and Natalie (who I didn't know before the trip, but turns out is pretty cool) went all around the city shopping and checking stuff out. I had a coffee and Ferra in little Italy which, as it turns out, was the first espresso bar in North America and opened in 1892. We hit up China town and walked around Chelsea village which was all amazing. We at lunch and dinner at the same place, an Italian place outside of Times Square called Tuscany Village, which has the best pizza I have ever had and is home of championship winning dough tossers. We also saw Rent that night on Broadway. I *heart* Broadway shows so much. I either cry because something sad is happening in the show or because it is an amazing work of art, but in Rent's case it was both. It really was indescribable. It took 13 hours to get back to Idaho because of airline delays, but all ended up well. Victoria and I wish we could've stayed a few more days because Spring Awakening is holding open auditions on Tuesday. It would be so cool to audition for a Broadway show. And the Pope is coming to the city that day as well. Other than that, I was ready to come home and be around some grass that I'm actually allowed to walk on.